Top Two Motorcycles

Bradfield Building Contractors was given the opportunity to construct the Showroom and Workshop for Top Two Motorcycles.  It was with great anticipation Bradfield Building Contractors and numerous local contractors and suppliers tackled the undertaking.

 The planning by Meridan 5 designs was thorough and detailed.  The project called for a highly visible impact on the Highway with purpose built functionality.  The finish was to be an industrial style, but also had to reflect showroom standards.

 In order to sell their motorcycles, Honda and Yamaha need to approve the specifications of the project.  Due to the comprehensiveness of the plans, they easily met each of these company’s exacting standards.

 The Top Two Motorcycles building’s predominate feature is the massive glazed panels facing the highway which enables the display of the vast array of motorcycles available.  The glazing is shaded by rows of battens, which contribute to the building’s high thermal efficiency.  This high energy efficiency is also assisted by the concrete tilt walls and the LED lights throughout the building keep energy consumption to a minimum.

 A well-appointed workshop faces Betta Place and is the mechanics pride and joy.  It boasts 4 fully equipped bays along with a vehicle hoist.  It is also serviced by the best trade waste handling equipment and wash down facilities available.

 With the enthusiasm of the contractors, the project met all of  the timing schedules easily.  The unfortunate absence of wet weather assisted with this of course! 

 The clients, Peter & Bindi Lippi are excited and pleased with the result.

 Bradfield Building Contractors Pty Ltd and all of the Contractors involved with the construction of the Showroom and workshop wish Top Two Motorcycles all the best for the future of their business.